"Thanks for doing a great job!!!   It is so nice not to have the lawn torn up by those nasty moles."

-S. Rogers , Anderson Township


"You're my 'Mole Guy' and I'd refer you!   Your service is great!"
- D. Panzeca, Amberley Village

"We were very pleased with your service!"
- E. and M. Dine, Amberley Village

"We are so happy you have been controlling those moles!   It is so nice not to have our yard destroyed.   Good job done!"  
- S. Rogers, Anderson Township

"You are great!"
- W. Hushak, Anderson Township

"Many thanks for the great service you are rendering.   It is a pleasure to have you come to our home."
- R. Wolff, Anderson Township

"I was very happy with your service."
- T. Ruthemeyer, Anderson Township

"Not only did you accomplish what you set out to do--control our mole problem--you did it in a first-class, professional, and customer-oriented manner.   Thanks!"
- C. and F. Blevins, Anderson Township

"I was very happy with the results.   Responded immediately to my call--no gimmicks, games, or high pressure.   Mole was caught within 4 hours and no further problems.   Thank you!"
- B. Baioni, Anderson Township

"Thank you for your kind work in eradicating my mole problem.   By my count, you got 10 of those critters.   I have recommended you to my friends.   Thanks again for all of your help."
- R. Phillips, Anderson Township

"The lesson I received from Todd was interesting, informative, and productive.   I also found Todd to be friendly, courteous, and professional.   Well worth the price."
- C. Mason, Anderson Township (on-site clinic)

"Great service!"
- J. Luken, Anderson Township

"I appreciated your promptness and efficiency."
- V. Hewitt, Anderson Township

"I believe you caught nine moles at my neighbor's house.   He as well as I was very pleased!"
- M. Bonvillain, Anderson Township

"Very happy with your efforts!"
- A. Jacobs, Anderson Township

"We appreciate your service and hope we don't need it again!"
- M. White, Blue Ash

"Thanks for all your hard work last year.   If we need you again, we will definitely call you!"
- P. and L. Jollis, Blue Ash

"Very, very pleased with service."
- R. and D. Paul, Blue Ash

"We were very pleased with your service."
- A. and J. Early, Blue Ash

"Great job!"
- L. Stautberg, Blue Ash

Thanks for your diligent and effective efforts.   We'd love to have you stop by for some milk and cookies!"
- S. Schild, Blue Ash

"I appreciate the service that you provided the moles were caught in an efficient manner."
- S. Feist, Bridgetown

"I was extremely pleased with your service."
- J. Mahoney, Cheviot

"I was very pleased with your service last year.   You always promptly answered my calls and followed up as indicated.   Keep up the good work!"
- P. Rupich, Clifton

"Great job--thanks again!"
- D. Johnson, Clifton

"Job well done!   Prompt and efficient."
- P. and R. Pappenheimer, Clifton

"I've had some success already!   I noticed some fresh activity in the front yard and placed a trap on it.   I caught the mole within 24 hours and am pretty pleased with the results!   Thanks."
- M. Schur, Clifton (on-site clinic)

"I could not believe how quickly you cured our mole problem!   Your service is outstanding and I recommend it to others every chance that I get!"
- F. Martinez, Colerain Township

"We have been very happy with your service!"
- J. Pond, Eastgate

"Personable, professional, knowledgeable.   We will call if we see a problem next year!"
- G. Murphy, Evendale

"Thank you for coming to my home so quickly to get rid of my mole!"
- R. Goldman, Evendale

"Thanks a 'mole-ion', Todd!"
- S. and R. DeNyse, Fairfield

"You were very responsive.   Thanks!"
- S. Mathews, Fairfield

"You are the king of molecatchers.   Thanks.   I love it when you get one (or two)!"
- L. Upson, Golf Manor

"Just wanted to let you know that we caught our second mole yesterday by the back fence.   Thanks for the lesson!"
- A. Newport, Harrison (on-site clinic)

"Thank you so much for your knowledge and experience.   {My husband} and I are very impressed with the job you did for us."
- S. Green, Hyde Park

"Because of your excellent instructions, I was successful with mole trapping and promote it as the 'only way!'   Your quick response to my questions was remarkable and appreciated.   Your service was so EXCELLENT!"
- M. Hardman, Hyde Park (on-site clinic)

"Yours is an excellent service!"
- M. Hines, Hyde Park

"You did a great job catching moles and explaining the process to us.   Very responsive to every call."
- S. Kovach, Hyde Park

"You did a great job!"
- L. Sonne, Hyde Park

"Very professional!"
- B. Borek, Hyde Park

"Thank you for coming to the rescue last fall.   We had moles tearing up the yard and you fixed that problem.   It has been pleasant working with you and we wish you the very best!"
- D. Martin, Indian Hill

"You've been great!"
- V. Bechtold, Indian Hill

"We have been very happy with your service."
- T. and V. O'Brien, Indian Hill

"Thanks for your help.   You are very professional."
- C. Cummings, Indian Hill

"You did a great job!"
- S. Weinberg, Indian Hill

"Thanks for the help!"
- W. Bramlage, Indian Hill

"We were very pleased with your service."
- C. Barton, Indian Hill

"You have done an excellent job of getting rid of my moles again this year and your charge is very reasonable!   I recommend you to all my friends who complain about moles."
- A. Berger, Indian Hill

"Very professional."
- P. Busken, Indian Hill

"I would recommend you without a second thought!"
- J. Schiff, Indian Hill

"I have talked to people since you have been here that were charged $400 by another service for a one-time visit!   By the way, 3 more dead moles."
- P. Bertsch, Indian Hill (on-site clinic)

"Great job!"
- S. Weinberg, Indian Hill

"Keep up the great work!"
- K. Brown, Indian Hill

"I would definitely recommend you to others!"
- C. Lach, Indian Hill

"Good job!"
- G. Wile, Indian Hill

"We appreciate everything you did for us as well as for our property since our service began.   Especially enjoyed our front door notes--super communication!"
- S. and B. Hofmann, Indian Hill

"Although I wouldn't mind hanging out in my front yard with a shotgun waiting for a mole to pop his head up, it's not a very effective approach.   Your traps and knowledge of the problem did the trick.   Thanks."
- Michael Camacci, Indian Hill

"Great job, Todd!"
- M. Hauser, Indian Hill

"Thanks for your training.   I've caught a bunch!   I feel like an accomplished mole hunter!"
- M. Cundall, Indian Hill (on-site clinic)

"Problem solved on the first day after the traps were set!"
- J. Wynn, Loveland

"You did a great job.   Thank you!"
- C. Trachsler, Loveland

"You did a great job and were very responsive to our calls."
- T. McCarley, Loveland

"We were very happy with your service!   As soon as we have moles again, we will definitely call you again."
- J. and B. Flynn, Madeira

"Very professional with whom to work, responsive and effective."
- M. Guard, Madeira

"I really appreciated the progress notes you put on the door when we were not available."
- T. Frietch, Madeira

"I just had to tell you it's worth the price already.   The glee!   You've got three out of four already by 3 o'clock and I'm just sitting here waiting for the fourth to pop!"
- R. Durham, Madeira

"Very satisfied with service!"
- J. Meiners, Madeira

"Thanks for the quick mole removal!   I'll recommend your service to others."
- J. Sievers, Mariemont

"Excellent job!"
- D. Norris, Mariemont

"Todd educated myself and my neighbor on how to do it.   Todd was very good in his teaching role."
- D. Staley, Miami TWP (on-site clinic)

"Thank you for a job well done.   It is a pleasure working with you!"
- C. Stalzer, Miami TWP

"You did a very nice job and always responded quickly to my calls!   I have already referred you to my sister and will continue to refer you to everyone!
- J. Weiner, Milford

"I have been wanting to drop you a line for weeks now!   I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to let you know how successful your 'mole class' has been.   We have trapped six moles now and our yard hasn't looked so good in years.   All the different gimmicks we have tried are just a waste of time and money.   In the past we have tried everything from chewing gum to castor oil to pin wheels, chlorine, etc.   Nothing works the way your trap technique works!"
- C. Stacey, Montfort Heights (on-site clinic)

"Thanks for teaching us to trap moles.   We have had great success!"
- A. Hernick, Montgomery (on-site clinic)

"I will gladly recommend you to others.   I just hope that we don't need you as much next year!"
- G. Reinhardt, Montgomery

"I am sorry that I doubted you, because we caught a mole!   We're now just waiting for the other trap to go off!   Thanks." (on-site clinic)
- S. Zabbatino, Montgomery

"Thanks so much for getting rid of our moles.   I wish that we had known about you sooner.   I would be happy to refer you to prospective clients."
- D. Hill, Montgomery

"I recommend your services all the time!"
- D. Rarden, Mt. Airy

"Courteous, dependable, prompt, knowledgeable, effective.   Great year!"
- P. Moore, Mt. Healthy

"Your courtesy, professionallism, patience and enthusiasm were exceptional!   Most of all, your lessons worked. Moles entering our yard are soon dead. I had tried two kinds of traps and a number of other methods before your lessons. They all failed. Thank you!"
- M. Gureasko, Mt. Lookout (on-site clinic)

"Terrific work!   Thanks!"
- M. Vanden Berg, Mt. Lookout

"Great job!   Keep up the good work!"
- B. Gustafson, Mt. Lookout

"Great job!"
- B. and B. Copfer, Mt. Lookout

"As you know, we were successful very quickly in getting rid of our moles.   Thanks."
- D. Quinn, Mt. Lookout (on-site clinic)

"I have been very pleased with your service.   I think you do an excellent job of keeping in touch."
- S. Jacobs, Mt. Washington

"I was pleasantly surprised by the quick attention and payment method.   You were great!   I hope I get another mole so I can call you!"
- M. Kistner, N. Avondale

"You did a great job and will call if a problem comes up!"
- G. Schierlo, Reading

"You are the best!"
- N. Wallace, Ross

"Todd is our hero!   The first night we caught three moles, and over the next month, ten more.   He was prompt, courteous."
- M. Parsons, Sharonville

"Good job!"
- K. Tynes, Symmes Township

"You got the job done well!   Very personable and efficient."
- L. and L. Dewees, Symmes Township

"You did a fantastic job--certainly have the moles on the run!"
- B. Gurney, Symmes TWP

"If a lifetime .300 hitter automatically goes to the hall of fame, you would be in there twice!   You already caught three moles out of the five traps in under 24 hours."
- M. Meckes, Symmes TWP

"Great job. Thanks!"
- D. Bagent, Symmes TWP

"I have recommended you to others with mole problems.   You've done a great job for us."
- J. Tallarigo, Symmes TWP

"We will definitely call you again if the moles 'wake up' in our yard in the spring!"
- S. Nunn, Symmes TWP

"Thanks for a job well done!"
- M. Amazon, Symmes TWP

"Great service!"
- S. Blowers, Terrace Park

"Your service is great!"
- J. and R. Brown, Terrace Park

"What a wonderful world this would be if all molecatchers were like ours!"
- C. Himonidis, White Oak


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