"I caught four moles in four days!   That would have normally taken about a month, four 12 Ga. shells and a fair amount of beer.   Thanks!"

-Mark Zatterberg, Canby, OR


Homeowners plagued by moles love The Dirt on Moles because it teaches trapping techniques that are flat-out deadly.   These testimonials from satisfied customers describe successes that are typical of people who watch our instructional video.   We hope that your story will soon appear here, too!

"I have lived in my home for over thirty years and have had moles all thirty.   I ordered your video after trying every way possible to get rid of them.   I set the traps and I caught my first friggen mole this morning.   I am looking forward to catching lots more of those bastards.   Thank you very much."
-Sherman Sowersby, St. Helena, CA

"I suspect my experience is a common one. After trying almost everything for the past 2 - 3 years, including Juicy Fruit gum, smoke bombs, all sorts of poisons, ending up with the spear traps, which went off continually but never caught anything, I found your website and ordered the kit. I watched the video, set my 2 traps and caught my first mole in 12 hours. I was so excited!   Trapping has slowed since then, but I did get 2 more in the past week. I feel I now have the upper hand and it's just a matter of time until I've gotten them all.

I wanted to thank you for the kit, especially the video, which is worth the price alone. It's clear and easy to understand. Without it, based upon the diagrams on the box, I might still be trying to figure out how to just set the trap, let alone how to properly prepare the site. I only wish I had found you earlier. I'm one satisfied customer. Thanks!"
-Skip Lewis, Baltimore, MD

"My husband and I purchased 6 acres of wooded land ten years ago.   We cleared out 3 acres in the center and built our home.   Our yard was beautiful until two years ago when we started seeing mole tunnels.   I have tried every hint and trick you can think no avail.   Our yard looks like a disaster zone.

I went on the internet to research moles in hopes to outsmart them.   I noticed your business and keyed in to see what you were all about.   I was amazed at what I read about you and your company.   I immediately ordered the trapping kit.   I received it the very next day!   I watched the video three times before setting the traps.   I don't have a lot of strength in my hands so the tip about laying the trap on the ground to set was very useful for me.

I went to a tunnel on one side of the house and dug the tunnel out and made the dam and set the trap as showed on the video.   I covered the hole up making sure no light could enter.   I released the safety and put the flag in the ground.   I came back to check it in 30 minutes and the trap was sprung.   I thought I set it wrong, but when I pulled it out of the ground I was shocked to see a huge mole caught in the trap!   I was so excited, I ran to show my husband who could not believe I caught one in that short of time.   I   reset the trap in the same tunnel and set another one in a different area.   I checked about an hour later and both traps had been sprung.   I had two more moles!   We thought maybe there were about two moles doing all the damage, but were we wrong.   The next day we caught 4 more making the total 6.   I reset the traps and did not have any more action.   We are now mole-free and cannot wait to repair our lawn.

I can't say enough about your traps.   I have told several people about them.   I am going over to our friends house to get rid of their moles for them.

This is the best investment I have made in years!   Thank you again.   A very satisfied customer,"
-Mrs. Rosemary Orr, Taylorsville, KY

"I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was with your mole trap. I have been trying various
methods to rid my yard of moles for 3 years now with no success. I have tried poison bait (corn, which I only found out later they don't eat), English Scissor Traps (not once did a mole ever set them off - they just dug around them) and building a compost pile in the woods to attract them (this actually worked for awhile, but the mole came back eventually). Nothing has worked. The mole keeps coming back year after year and devastating my yard - tunnels, collapsed tunnels, dead plants, etc.

I bought your trap late last year and didn't get a chance to use it before the snow fell so I have been anxiously waiting all winter to use it.   This past weekend I finally got my chance. The ground has begun to thaw and already there are tunnels forming in my yard. I picked a tunnel along my stone wall, dug it up, built the dirt dam, set the trap and waited. The next morning, I looked out the window and was amazed to see that the trap had sprung. I rushed outside, pulled it out of the ground, and there was the mole that had been destroying my yard for 3 years.

I have set the trap again, but I think this might be the only one in my yard. If not, I know I finally
have a product that will actually get rid of the moles in my yard.

I don't normally find myself giving feedback on products I buy, but after struggling for so long with this mole problem I was ecstatic to find a product that worked as well, if not better, than advertised.

Thanks so much for the trap and the video that comes along with it. I can finally put to rest all of the suggestions I get for everything from Jujubees and JuicyFruit to spinning pinwheels and electronic thumpers. This trap really works and it works really well!"
-Paul Davis, Glastonbury, CT

"I wanted to let you know that I caught the biggest mole I have ever seen the next day after setting the traps!   Obviously you have a good product because I have been trying unsuccessfully to trap these guys for a while with the English Scissor trap.   Yours seems to be a good trap that is very well built.   Thanks!"

"Update--I was lucky enough to find your literature and order traps from you last year.   They are very productive!...I have caught approximately 20 moles in the past two summers."
-Scott Lehmann, Loveland, OH

"I have sent 100s of dollars and 100s of hours in my battle with the moles that have devastated (as far as I am concerned) my yard. I heard of your trap and decided to give it a try. As of 3 days ago I have caught 6 of those little buggers. What a joy this has been. The tape explaining the trapping process may be the key to my finally being able to control the moles. I am spreading the word on your system."
-David Stier, Loveland, OH

"I discovered your product on-line and was 'sol'" on your product and especially your guarantee.

I was quickly becoming that 'retired' guy sitting on the porch with a shovel in hand, after having exhausted all the typical attempts.

After receiving my purchase, I watched the video and followed the instructions to the letter.  You probably can guess how this is going to end, but after 4 short hours, the varmint was captured.  I haven't seen evidence of any other family member yet, but if I do, I am confident your product will yield the same results...trapping the mole.

I am indebted to your product."
-Dan Loeffert, East Lansing, MI

"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your product. I had ordered your Trapper's Kit a while ago, watched the video twice, and went out and set the two traps. Nothing happened for two days, so I moved one trap to a different location and within 12 hours I caught my first mole. For about a month after that I had no further signs of mole activity in my yard. Then about two weeks ago, it started up again. So late yesterday afternoon I pulled the two traps out of their boxes and set each one in a different primary tunnel. This morning there was another dead mole in one of the traps.

But the thing I really wanted to mention is that not only do the traps themselves work very well, your Training Video was really the key for learning how to correctly set the traps and how to select the best locations. There is no way that the product info alone that comes with the traps tells you enough for them to be set effectively. Without your video information, I doubt that I would have had any more success with those traps than I did in prior years with poisons, smoke bombs or smacking at them with my shovel. Purchasing your Kit was indeed money well spent."
-Dave Christensen, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"I wanted to let you know that I thought your video was great.   It was very well done and easy to follow. After two years of struggling with mole traps (catching only one mole) and reverting to a paid service where I have spent about $400, I set two traps last weekend according to your directions.   To my delight, I caught a mole in each one!...Thanks again for the great advice in the video.   At $25/mole from the former paid service I was using, the video has already paid for itself 2X."
-Andy Teich, West Linn, OR

"I recently purchased a trapping kit from your company and thought I might contact you to say thanks! I received my kit about a week after I placed the order, but unfortunately was unable to watch the video or place my new traps until 2 days later.   Finally the day came and I set my first trap about 5:00 pm. then proceeded to set the second trap.   After I set the second trap I walked by the first trap and noticed the it had sprung.   I thought perhaps I hadn't placed the lever in the trigger cup well enough so I pulled it out.    Well needless to say 30 minutes after setting the first trap I had already caught my first mole and both traps continued to produce for a total of 4 the first 24 hrs.   

Now I am so satisfied because I tried a variety of solutions that all failed until now.   The bait... money down the tube.   A noisemaking windmill... interesting conversation piece.   The county ag extension agent recommended the harpoon style trap.   I had limited success but spent more time setting, less time disposing.   I have to say your kit was a wise investment for the sake of my yard.   I look forward to repairing previously damaged areas and more importantly no more twisted ankles."
-Kerry McIlhaney, Conroe, Texas

"You made my husband's year!!!   We have been plagued with moles for over 3 years.   We tried the electronic devices, smoke bombs, water, and pesticides.   Nothing worked.   (Oh, I forgot the machete and pitchfork technique!)   We had the mound builder moles that have very deep runs.   Five minutes after setting the first trap he caught one.   Its body was about 6-7" long!   Thank you for sending the video and traps."
-Nancy Halvorsen, Dublin, OH

"I was very pleased with your product.   I caught a 7-inch long mole the second day!"
-Chuck Johnson, Cincinnati, OH

"Met you at the Home Show, bought the trap, and went mole huntin'.   I'm pleased to report that on my first attempt, and in less than 24 hours, we sent a mole to mole heaven!...My husband mashed down all the tunnels and then picked a spot he thought would be good for the trap. I did the rest. It was really quite simple with your instruction tape.   Happy mole hunting!"
-"Moleless in Dayton Kate," Dayton, OH

"As a professional mole trapper, one of the frequent comments I get from both customers and the 'man on the street' who just wants to tell me about his mole problem is: 'I've tried traps but I can't catch anything!'   I think your video tape The Dirt on Moles gives the average homeowner the additional tool they need to effectively trap moles - that is, decent, comprehensive instructions.   By following your video tape instructions and, with one additional admonition - PERSISTENCE, I believe homeowners can successfully resolve their mole infestation problems."
-Jim Richardson, "The Mole Guy," Thurston County, Washington

"I received the Trap Kit I ordered and I watched the video. I then set both traps and within an hour I had caught my first mole. Within several hours both traps had caught a mole. After trying many things over 10 years to stop mole damage in my yard, without success since our dog died, I'm convinced that these traps will eliminate moles from my yard. Since we live in a wooded area, I'm sure I will get continuous use from them. Thanks."
-Jon Richmond, Milford, OH

"I purchased your Video and Trap Kit last week and used the traps for the first time yesterday afternoon. By late afternoon, I already "landed" my first mole and first thing this morning, found that the second trap had also done its job...I'm well satisfied with your total package and will recommend you to anyone who asks me how to deal with their mole problem. All those other so-called "solutions" are indeed a waste of time and money - I know, because I've tried most of them!"
-Kenneth Leonhardt, Cincinnati, OH

"Four hours after setting the first trap, I came back from the store and I had already caught one!   My buddies had said no way would it ever work, and when it did, I was about dancing a jig in the front yard. Thanks."
-Mike Monnin, Russia, OH

"...{ The Dirt on Moles } is very well done."  
-Craig Stevens, "S.O.S. Mole Trappers," Cincinnati, OH

"Your teaching is so straight forward and practical...We have caught eight moles {in four days}. Your video taught me exactly how to do this and those traps are very effective...I work with a number of Cincinnati doctors. If I hear any of them complaining of moles, I will give them your name and website. Thanks. I finally feel like I can take back my yard from the invading moles."
-Brent and Mary Aubrey, Erlanger, KY

"Frankly when my wife bought the molecatcher kit from you at the Home Show, I was skeptical. But since we have had a lot of mole damage in our yard and flower beds, I thought maybe it was worth a try. Well, I'm impressed!   Within 24 hours I caught three moles (see picture). These things really work! I'm thinking about going into the mole business myself!"
-Tim White, Springfield, OH

"I just wanted you to know that I caught my first mole with your Molecatchers Kit that my son bought for me.   I placed the trap on a main tunnel and had a six- or seven-inch mole the next day.   I have been trying to get rid of them for years, and your kit is amazing!"
-Hans Mehler, Milford, OH

"I finally caught my first mole.   Your video made the hunt much easier!"
-Pam, Cincinnati, OH

"{ The Dirt on Moles } is very well produced, technically precise, informative, and very watchable. It is all very clearly explained in easy to understand terminology without the technical 'jargon' that all too often is incorporated into instructional or educational videos."
-Neil Marsh, "Molebusters," Jarrow, England

"We talked at the Cincinnati Flower Show and I wanted to tell you, I think your video is excellent .   It's very easy to follow even for an "unmechanical person" as myself!...I'm keeping your card to pass on to other gardening friends."
-Pat Hull, Fort Recovery, OH

"I have caught two of them. The trap worked great. Problem is resolved.   I have taken the traps to my parents to get their problems resolved too."
-Keith & Linda Marcum, Lebanon, OH

"I bought two mole traps at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show and am having great success in catching the little varmints in most cases - six so far, but many more to go...I go out each morning and evening hoping to see those tripped triggers!"
-Frank Koch, Batavia, OH

"Got one of the buggers last night!...another 7 I know how to do it and they'd better find another yard to live in if they want to live...Thanks for your help."
-Ron Schunk, Lawrenceburg, IN

"I watched the video and set two traps just before dark.   By the time I got home from work the next day, there was a mole in both of them!"
-Bob Hathorn, Cincinnati, OH

"Bought your traps at the show! Set one in the yard and one in the flower bed Sunday afternoon. Monday afternoon I had caught no moles. I think the yard trap was set in an area where there hasn't been activity for a while. Then my wife said that she saw that the ground in another part of the bed had been moved (we have one very long flower bed). I took the trap from the
yard and set it in the other end of the flowerbed, and went inside. About 1/2 hour later I glanced at the trap. It had been sprung. My 13 year old son pulled the trap out of the ground and there he was, a big mole!   Awesome!   My neighbor has yet to catch one with his trap which is a different construction, ie; spikes that come down.   Anyway, it works!

Update; saw two tunnels last night coming from my neighbor's yard about 30 feet apart. I set 2 traps, one in each tunnel. Two [young] dead moles were found this morning. That's 3 in the last 5 days. I wish I had these traps last year. My neighbor still hasn't caught one."
-Fred Gennett, Cincinnati, OH

"After buying your traps and watching the video, I caught 4 moles within one week, and I showed my neighbor how to use her traps and she caught 5!"
-Corie Kline, Madeira, OH

"I recently purchased your mole trapping kit off the internet and in two weeks I have already caught nine moles!   It has been wonderful.   Thanks!"
-Kevin Wimmer, Eastgate, OH

"...the tape is excellent...It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you at the Flower Show."
-Paul Bates, Woodlawn, OH

"I got your kit a couple of weeks ago and had to wait until I saw new mole activity to set it. I followed the steps in the video and set the trap...The next morning - Yahoo! - one less mole in my yard. I think there's one in the front yard, but haven't seen any activity lately. That one will be my next target...You're right, getting rid of them is rewarding!"
-Rick Weaver, Cordova, TN

"I'm extremely pleased with the traps and video from Molecatchers. I caught a mole two hours after setting the first traps and a second the next day. I have trapped a total of five now and there are no signs of any new activity. Thanks for producing a great training video and providing effective and easy to use traps."
-Steve Crick, Denton, Texas

"Just caught my 12th mole. The last two took a little longer which could be expected as they seemed to move around more in different locations or using 'old' tunnels. I think I'll go for a 'baker's dozen' now..."
-Gary Ganaway, Cincinnati, OH

" After watching my lawn being torn to shreds and trying just about everything on the market, I just had to let you guys know that your product is by far the greatest! I purchased this product about two weeks ago and already I've caught six full grown moles. Two were caught the very same day I set the traps...I am completely satisfied that there is a product out there for moles that actually works!   Thanks!"
-Vandy Quince, Southfield, MI

"I received my mole traps on Wednesday, July 9 and set three that afternoon. I caught four moles in four days. Two in the same run. That would have normally taken about a month, four 12 Ga. shells and a fair amount of beer. A very good product but what really makes it work is the video. Its easy to follow, good detail and safe (done properly). Thanks!"
-Mark Zatterberg, Canby, OR

"I had to write to tell you that LITERALLY within twenty minutes of watching your tape, I had one dead mole. I went out and set one trap. I then went 35 feet away and set another. Before picking up my tools, I noticed that the first had sprung. I figured that I'd simply done a sloppy job setting it. NOPE, the mole must have laid in there watching me set the trap then went immediately to clean up his domain.   I've got about 1.3 acres and I can count what looks like 7 more moles to go. With patience, I hope to 'clean up the neighborhood.'   Thanks!"
-Robert Duffey, Middletown, Ohio

"I purchased your kit last week and caught a mole the day that I tried it.   Thanks."
-Rob Cummings, Cincinnati, OH

"It may have been beginners luck, but my husband and yardman caught our first mole within 15 minutes after the first trap was set. Later in the day, about 6-8 hours later, another one was caught...two out of four traps. We are infested with moles but maybe your traps will work.   Thanks!"
-Laura Harrison, Cincinnati, OH

"I bought my traps just a couple of weeks ago, and I now have a mole free yard...I just wanted to say thanks!"
-Larry Livingston, Lawrenceburg, IN

"After buying your traps & watching the video, I caught four moles within one week and I showed my neighbor how to use her traps & she caught five.   Thanks!"
-Corie Kline, Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you for the mole trapping kit.   It works!   I caught three in the first two days I used it."
-Joseph Neri, Cincinnati, OH

"I have caught a lot of moles and have recommended your trapping kit to my neighbors.   Thanks!"
-Leonard Kaufman, Louisville, KY

"I bought your mole trapping kit and it works lovely...I have eradicated the moles from my yard with your technique!"
-Tim Turton, Covington, KY

"I have caught one a day for the past 5 days...One thing that surprised me is the size of the little critter. From the size of the tunnels I thought they would be bigger.   Thanks again for your patience and help."
-Tom Cruickshanks, Windsor, CT

"Just wanted to let you know that the day after my husband set our 2 mole traps we caught the little varmit!...I'm glad we don't have to watch him designing in our yard anymore. Thanks ."
-Jane Kostal, Hart, Michigan

"I have caught nine moles since buying your kit in June!...Now up to 17 since buying your kit.

Update-I can't thank you enough for all your email replies and the great video. I'm up to 19 now, mostly my property, and about 3-4 on the neighbor's.

Update-I am up to thirty moles this year alone with your traps and have pretty much cleared out my field.   It is great!"
-Ken Alford, Monroe, WA

"I bought your mole catching kit awhile back and immediately caught one the first day....Thanks."
-Jerry Roth, Council Bluffs, IA

"I have had a mole tearing up my mulch beds for the last 2-3 weeks. On Monday, I ordered your molecatching kit. On Thursday, it arrived.   I immediately sat down and watched the video. At 8am on Friday morning, I set up 2 traps.   When I went back out at 10am, the trap was sprung. Mole caught!   To catch him within 2 hours made my purchase well worth it!   Thanks!"
-Anna C. Seals, Carmel, IN

"Thank you for this product. I have been after these guys all summer and they have destroyed my front and back yard. Been using the spike traps unsuccessfully for months now. Found out later there is a trick to getting them with the spike traps but still no success. Within a week of using your product I have trapped 2 moles. This is a great product with quick results and the video was very informative. I will definitely recommend your product to all who ever complain of moles. I'm glad I found your website on the internet before I found a bomb-making site. :)   Thanks again!!"
-Bob Winters, Huntington, IN

"I purchased one of your trapping kits this past May when moles invaded my property. I have been very impressed by your website, your products and, in general, your approach to the pesky critters.   Your video, in particular, is superbly done, being instructive, user-friend and just plain interesting. What's more--it works!

I just wanted to thank you again for your 1st rate product and service.   I have received the replacement trap, and there is now one less mole in my neighborhood. I am more than happy to spread the word about your company to anyone facing the same problems I have."
-Don Jacques, Columbia, SC

"Update--Thus far I have successfully trapped a total of three moles in my yard.   Regards."
-Gordon Livingston, Cincinnati, OH

"I purchased your kit a while back. The ground finally thawed enough for me to set the traps. I set two out yesterday. I have got one mole already. I just followed the instructions. They are very simple and easy to use. I am very pleased with my results so far. I would recommend you to anybody who has a mole problem. I do not believe in using poisons of any kind. The live trapping is the best way to get rid of moles. Thanks a bunch."
-Rodney Davis, Miamisburg, OH

"Just wanted to send you this photo of my 7 year old daughter after my last catch using your traps. I think the expression on her face says it all. Even her shirt says that she is bummed. She is such an animal lover, she couldn't stand to see something dead. This was the second mole caught in about 2 months time. I just wanted to say thank you for the traps, they work great."
-Tim Powell, Dayton, Ohio

"For two and one-half years, since buying this house, I have been fighting moles! I have tried everything that man or witchdoctor could conjure up. I tried traps, potions, spells, prayer and nothing worked. The more I tried, the more the moles tore up the yard.

Within 3 weeks after getting your kit, I had harvested three of the little b......s (photo enclosed) and would have had them sooner if I had moved the traps more frequently as you suggested. It's been several weeks since I got the last one and have seen no evidence of any more. However, I am ever vigil as I go about the lawn duties.

The instructional video is the key to success! Some folks may be skeptical, as I was, but folks what do you have to lose?"

-Art Hutson, Jacksonville, Florida

"Thank you for your help in catching the moles...We have since caught the two doing the most destruction.   Now we got the touch.   Thank you for helping us to recreate our beautiful lawn."

-Joey and Paul Urey, St. Mary's, GA

"Just a quick note to let you know about my quick results.   Got my traps about a week ago and caught my first mole this morning.   I put the trap right back in the same spot and we'll see if that rascal has any relatives.   Thanks for your help!"
-Scott Hedges, Newark, OH

" Just wanted to let you know that the day after my husband set our 2 mole traps we caught the little varmit! I felt bad when I saw him....a very interesting animal! But I'm glad we don't have to watch him designing in our yard anymore. Thanks for making such an effective contraption!"
-Jane Kostal, Hart, MI

" I just purchased a kit from you this weekend at the Home Show.   I am happy to report that I have already snagged my first mole."
-Andy Hoover, Cincinnati, OH

"I wanted to tell you 'thanks' for such a great product!   My wife bought the traps from you at the Flower Show and I have already caught four so far.   I must admit that I was pretty excited!"
-James Davis, Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you for the great product.   I have caught 15 moles so far with your traps, and it is actually a lot of fun! They do a great job."
-Dave Henry, Cincinnati, OH

"They work!   My mom and dad bought the kit from you last year at the Home Show.   That night we all sat down in the living room and watched the video.   Two days later we had our mole!   Thanks."
-Diana Pennick, Cincinnati, OH

"Your product really works!   I have caught 19 so far.   After the first night when the trap was tripped without catching anything, I moved it to a new location.   By the next morning, I had caught one and another that same evening.   It's like a game, and I am becoming obssessed with it (my wife calls me 'The Molinator')!   Thanks for saving my lawn."
-Paul Glindmeyer, Cincinnati, OH

"I have caught three so far, including the biggest one that I have ever seen!   Thanks again for answering my e-mail about the product.   It is great!"
-Butch Burton, Cincinnati, OH

"I bought one of your kits at the Cincinnati Home & Garden show and today purchased 4 more traps. I believe the product is very good and have already had success with your system and traps.   Thanks."
-K. Kreafle, Cincinnati, OH

"My husband had bought some molecatchers from you last year.   I think that we ended up getting 14 moles, and this year we have already trapped three.   Everybody is excited when he tells them how he catches them and sometimes he even loans your traps out!   He is sold on them, and I know that he has even sent you some business.   Thank you so much!"
-Phyllis Glosser, Terre Haute, IN

"We've suffered through mole problems for over 5 years with failed attempts to control them with flooding the runs, poisons and mole repellent sprays.   While researching moles on the web I came across your website and the testimonials of other customers.   I figured, 'what the heck.'   I received my Molecatcher Kit yesterday and immediately watched the video.   My wife and I stomped down all the mole runs last night.   I picked a repaired run this morning to test the trap.   After painting the traps as directed in the video, I could hardly wait for the paint to dry.   I set the trap around 10:30 this morning and had my first mole by 3:00 PM.   My wife cannot believe it!   She had to take a picture, she was so amazed.   I immediately reset the trap and am waiting anxiously for Round #2.

Thanks for your great product!"
-Al Lunt, Fayetteville, NC

"I live in St Helena, Calif. I have lived in my home for over thirty years and have had moles all thirty. I ordered your traps after trying every way possible to get rid of them. I set your traps and I caught my first friggen mole this mornig. I am looking forward to cathing lots more of those bastards.    Thank you very much."
-Sherman Sowersby, St. Helena, CA

"Just to let you know, I got the second set of traps early last week, thanks.   Painted the traps white (as per video) during the recent rainy spell.   Put my first trap in the ground this morning @ 11AM and found it tripped sometime around 3PM with a rather stiff and dead mole in the jaws (may have been there earlier- was too busy to check them).

Looks like ya'll got a winner.   Thanks again."
-Richard P. Hill, Dayton, OH

"Thank you!   I caught six moles out of nine attempts.   I must have set the other three incorrectly because they really do work.   I hope that I won't have the opportunity to improve my technique.   Thanks again."
-B. Kesselring, Cincinnati, OH

"They do work!   My husband caught his first last week and was so excited that he is still telling everyone about it.   Thanks."
-A. Zimmerman, Cincinnati, OH

"They work great!   I've caught six or seven in the past two weeks.   I met you at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show and my yard was a wreck.   Now I've trapped my moles and the grass is already starting to come back.   Thanks for the traps!"
-A. Detmer, Cincinnati, OH

"Thank god for this product!   Your traps are slick as a whistle.   My neighbor actually bought a kit from you first and was charging me $20 per mole to catch mine.   After a short while, I decided to do it myself and have caught at least a dozen already.   I am even outdoing my golden retriever who has only dug up six.   Thank you very much for the traps.   They are the best thing since sliced bread!"
-J. Vaughn, Louisville, KY

"We caught our mole within 6 hours after watching your video!!!!   We're working on the back yard now, but we've seen no new signs of activity.   Might be that one mole was the only one causing such destruction!   THANK YOU THANK YOU.   We're living in a community literally surrounded by moles.   It's a very affluent neighborhood on a golf course.   I'm going to tell all my neighbors about your webpage.   Thank you again."
-Candace Mitchell, Shreveport, LA

"Your instructional video is great--so great that I have already caught 3 moles so far!!!   Thanks and good luck."
-David Burton, Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks very much for the mole traps and terrific video.   I caught the first mole in 12 hours and the second one in 24 hours.   They don't stand a chance with your traps and instruction.   I'm enclosing a small gift certificate to Applebee's.   Take your honey out to lunch some day on me.   Thanks again."
-Dr. Garry Gille, Fairfield, OH


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