"I think your video is excellent .   It's very easy to follow even for an "unmechanical person" as myself!"

-Pat Hull, Fort Recovery, OH


Our primary goal in creating The Dirt on Moles: Mole Trapping Made Easy was to provide professional-caliber trapping instruction to homeowners in an informative, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow format.   Our secondary goal was to stop the flow of please-teach-me-how-to-trap emails that clog our inbox most of the year.  

The Dirt on Moles is a straightforward guide to mole control that teaches amateur trappers how to quickly and easily reclaim their lawns.   Our simple techniques are so effective against moles that our video has received praise not only from our satisfied customers, but also from professional mole trappers (including a few of our competitors!).

Directed by videographer Jamie Sluder of Digital Motion, Inc. whose credits include the productions of Fortune 500 corporations, the footage is crystal clear and graphics are used throughout the video to illustrate key points. The Dirt on Moles is so well produced that it claimed a 2003 Telly Award, one of the most sought-after honors in the TV, commercial and video industry.   Admittedly we had never heard of The Telly Awards either, but it is apparently a big deal if you are in that line of work.

In just 23 minutes, The Dirt on Moles guides you step-by-step through the same effective, yet simple techniques that we use everyday to stop moles for our clients.   It is divided into six easy chapters:

Chapter 1: The Trap

• How to handle the trap safely
• Two easy setting methods

Chapter 2: Trap Location

• How to locate the best places to trap
• How to identify active tunnels

Chapter 3: Trapping on Shallow Runways

• How to properly set the trap on shallow tunnels
• How to achieve the proper trap to tunnel relationship
• Step-by-step video review of the trapping process
• Effective trapping strategy
• How to avoid common trapping mistakes
• How to tell when a mole has been trapped

Chapter 4: Trapping in Mounds

• How to locate deep tunnels near mounds
• How to set the trap in deep tunnels

Chapter 5: Trapping in Mulch

• How to find the best locations to trap in mulched areas
• How to set the trap in tunnels through mulch

Chapter 6: After the Capture

How to easily dispose of the dead mole without touching it
• How to repair lawn damage from moles


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